Writer Dan Rule once described my work as an attempt at: "charting his neighbourhood surrounds and airing some of our dirty laundry."

I like this description because I think it encapsulates two aspects of my work that seem important to me.

One is the idea of charting a neighbourhood. Almost everything I do involves a kind of charting or mapping, usually by way of collecting and arranging materials or images. The other is the suggestion that  something unsightly or unexpected can be revealed. Airing our dirty laundry might be an inevitable by-product of looking too closely and for too long at familiar surroundings, The footpaths and nature strips, living rooms and backyards of ordinary urban environments hint at uncomfortable and singular narratives despite their ubiquitous nature. 

This in essence, has been the focus of all my work over a long period of time, using a wide variety of media. 

Over the past decade my work has shifted from an emphasis on drawing to a preoccupation with photography. The imagery shifts from project to project but the intentions are quite similar. Much of what you will see on this website is grounded in a belief, or perhaps a hope, that one day I might be able to make some sort of sense of my own familiar yet strange surroundings. 

VR 2017